Happy Monday!

Elastic Tribe purpose: to inspire you

I believe practical inspiration can benefit your Agile path. I aim to think differently and challenge traditional ideas.

I’m Juan Ramón Sánchez Velar, an Agile Delivery consultant living in London, United Kingdom. I’m married and a proud father. So far, I have lived in 9 cities across USA, Canada and Europe.

After studying Astrophysics and Virtual Reality, I settled down as a Project Manager. The last ten years, I have learned that people matter the most and that software development is ordered chaos. I am strategic, pragmatic, a deep thinker and believe in less is less.

In Elastic Tribe I want to inspire your Agile path with my experience across cultures, industries, projects and teams. I hope we learn together.

Global Brands I have worked with …

My favorite book: The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

My favorite sport: swimming

My favorite dish: tortilla de patata

My favorite slogan: JUST DO IT.

Please say hello! hello@elastictribe.com